Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal works to selectively damage hair follicles by transforming light energy into heat.  Since the light emitted by the laser selectively targets the follicle, damage to the surrounding skin is minimized.


Because of the hair growth cycles, we schedule 6 laser hair removal treatments, spaced 4-8 weeks apart to achieve optimum results.  Often times patients will have “touch-ups” yearly or more or less frequently depending on individual hair growth.  Laser hair removal is proven to reduce terminal hair growth by 75-90%.


Due to the wide variety of skin and hair colors, patients must be evaluated prior to laser hair removal treatment so that a treatment plan can be designed to produce maximum results. Many hair and skin types can be treated although patients with dark, coarse hair and light skin tone respond best to the laser.


Small Area

Lip, Chin, Lip & Chin, Underarms, Sideburns


Package of 6 $675


Medium Area

Half Arms, Stomach, Half Back, or Bikini


Package of 6 $1,185


Large Area

Full Face, Upper or Lower Half Legs, Full Arms, Chest, Full Back, or Brazilian 


Package of 6 $2,160


Extra Large Area

Full Legs or Full Back & Shoulders


Package of 6 $4,320

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