Body Treatments

Spirulina Wrap

Using an all-natural, live Spirulina algae harvested from pure salt lakes in Southern California, this seaweed treatment imparts essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to nourish and revitalize the bodyAwaken your senses along this purifying journey of invigoration.  The body is wrapped with Spirulina Algae for an instant nutrient boost along with intensive grounding and cleansing results.  An energizing moisturizing application completes the treatment to further stimulate the skin for a firmer, more hydrated appearance. A pretreatment in a sauna for 30 minutes is recommended.
60 minutes $145


Mud Wrap

Moor Mud is legendary for its powerful therapeutic properties. This moor mud is a blend of botanical materials, which has had natural interaction with thermal mineral water. Mud demineralizes, soothes, and rejuvenates tired muscles and dull skin.  A revitalizing European therapy using authentic thermal Moor Mud to heal, soothe and rejuvenate tired muscles and dull skin.  It takes over one thousand years for natural processes to create three meters of this black organic mud, rich in thermal water‐derived minerals and trace elements (35%).  Moor Mud is harvested near one of only two spa lakes in the world (fed by a geothermal hot water spring and a cool water stream).  This treatment remineralizes, softens and purifies the face and body. A pretreatment in a sauna for 30 minutes is recommended.
60 minutes $145


CBD Oil Wrap

Our CBD Body Wrap experience revitalizes your lymphatic system, promotes detoxification an releases stress and tension throughout your body. Begin with a gentle full-body dry brushing which stimulates lymph flow and detoxifies the skin, follwed by a lavish, deeply hydrating Vital Body CBD Oil application. As you luxuriate in a warm cocoon, conclude your experience with a soothing CBD scalp and facial massage. Emerge with a radiant glow, feeling renewed and revitalized.
60 minutes $145


Organic Essential Oil Wrap

A luxurious application of organic aromatherapy massage oil mixed with a therapeutic crème rich in minerals and trace elements to relieve tension, provide moisture to dry skin, and promote overall detoxification.
45 minutes $85



Lavender Dreams Ultimate Experience

Dreams of lavender fields kissed by the French sun envelop your senses as you drift on waves of blue. Breathe deep. Inhale the calming and balancing benefits of wild lavender in this completely uplifting and rejuvenating spa experience, which includes a two-step invigorating full body scrub, a warm wrap, and a full-body butter.
90 minutes $170


Ginger Paradise Renewal

To begin, earthly minerals are combined with ginger’s healing properties in an invigorating full-body exfoliation. Following is a pampering back, neck, and shoulder effleurage with organic ginger oil. Next, nourish and relax inside a warm cocoon while a luxurious foot and pressure point scalp massage complete this head-to toe service.
90 minutes $170


Organic Body Scrub

An invigorating thermal mineral salt exfoliation applied in a two-step treatment utilizing thermal salt, rich in minerals and trace elements, followed by a loofah scrub with thermal mineral shower/bath gel. 

45 minutes $105


Body Bronzing

Tanned skin is beautiful. It makes you look healthy, active, and alive. But getting the perfect tan has always been a challenge, until now. Oasis Medspa & Salon has chosen the SunFX tanning system, giving you a stunning, natural looking tan that is perfectly even from head to toe. It’s faster than sun-baking or solarium treatments, and unlike other alternatives, a SunFX tan will give you ideal coverage and the most natural color. Best of all, SunFX tanning solutions are made from 100% all-natural ingredients. No more applying chemicals to your skin in an attempt to look tan. No more spending hours cooking your skin in the sun. Just a quick, natural, beautiful tan in only minutes. Call us today to book your perfect tan!

Full Body $50


Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Scheduling Policy

We ask that you arrive on time to your appointments, because we do reserve that time for you. If you are 15 minutes late we will have to reschedule your appointment and you will be charged a same day cancellation fee.


We do require a credit card on file in order to book your appointments, to ensure our 24-hour cancellation policy. 


Any changes or cancellations without adequate notice will be charged a “late cancellation” fee to your credit card at a rate of 50% of the value of the scheduled services. No-show customers will be billed a no-show fee for the full value of scheduled services to the credit card on file.

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