BOTOX® Cosmetic is a safe, nonsurgical procedure that smoothes wrinkles in motion on your face (for example, frown lines and crow’s feet). It requires no downtime and is used to treat the lines that develop over time by relaxing the muscles that cause these lines to form. A BOTOX® treatment typically takes about 15-20 minutes.  Results begin approximately 7-10 days after the injection and keeps wrinkles relaxed for 3-4 months.


$15 per unit


Dermal Fillers

As we age, the natural volume of our skin begins to diminish and wrinkles and folds settle in.


Dermal fillers JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus®, JUVÉDERM Ultra® & JUVÉDERM Voluma®, JUVÉDERM Vollure®, JUVÉDERM Volbella® instantly restore your skin’s volume and smooth away deep lines and facial creases. The most common areas treated with dermal fillers are the cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and the lips.
Juvederm Ultra $625 per syringe
Juvederm Ultra Plus $650 per syringe
Juvederm Volbella $700 per syringe
Juvederm Vollure $750 per syringe
Juvederm Volluma $850 per syringe


Kybella® (deoxycholic acid) is used to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat under the chin.  Kybella® is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction under the chin.  There is little downtime and few side effects making it a great alternative to surgery. 


$600 per syringe

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) Injections

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is an autologous blood concentrate that uses your own blood to help rejuvenate your skin. PRF contains autologous growth factors that stimulate and enhance the healing response.


PRF is a 3-step process. First, we draw your blood into tubes. The number of tubes depends on the amount of surface area we want to cover. The tubes of blood are then spun in a centrifuge. This process will separate the blood cells from all the other nutrient-rich cells that we want. When the centrifugation function is complete, the top layer is collected. This layer of concentrate (PRF) is composed of your own platelets and white blood cells. We can then use the substance in multiple areas of your face for natural rejuvenation.


PRF can be injected into several areas of your face to help with dark circles, tear troughs and deep folds, volume loss, wrinkles, and fine lines. A series of 4 initial monthly treatments are recommended with a 6-month touch-up, then annual sessions for maintenance. You may see a slight improvement after your first or second session but you should see the optimal results after 4 sessions.

Wellness Shots

Slim Shot


B12 with MIC

Burn fat, support your liver, and increase energy with this amazing injection.  B12 boosts energy, metabolism, detoxifies liver, helps with sleep regulation, and mood. Methionine, Inositol and Choline (MIC) are essential amino acids that help the body break down fat, lower cholesterol and excrete toxins. 



Ultimate Fat Burner


B1, B5, MIC and L-Carnitine

Boost your metabolism, increase fat burning potential and support your immune system with this power house of vitamins and amino acids. B1 supports your nervous system, while B5 contributes to your metabolism promoting fat conversion to energy.  L-Carnitine helps with muscle recovery and contributes to healthy endurance.  Methionine, Choline and Inositol (MIC) are essential amino acids that help break down fat, lower cholesterol and excrete toxins.


Stress Less


GABA, Magnesium, Hexahydrate, Taurine and Theanine

A special mixture of vitamins to help reduce anxiety and promote a calmer demeanor. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter distributed throughout the brain, and aids in reducing nerve cell excitement. This results in restful sleep and a sense of calmness. Magnesium is an essential mineral for health, and can help reduce anxiety by acting on the blood brain barrier to prevent stress hormones from reaching the brain. Taurine is a non-essential amino acid that promotes the production of GABA to further bring a sense of calmness. Theanine is another amino acid that can help reduce anxiety by blocking any excitatory stimuli while increasing the production of GABA as well.  



Extra Energy Boost


Taurine can help improve physical function, reduce cardiovascular risks, and plays a role in lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation. It can also aid in reducing triglycerides and lowering overall cholesterol levels as well. Taurine can also increase energy levels and improve overall mood.





A powerful antioxidant that promotes immunity, and aids in detoxifying the body from harmful carcinogens and environmental toxins.

Scheduling Policy

We ask that you arrive on time to your appointments, because we do reserve that time for you. If you are 15 minutes late we will have to reschedule your appointment and you will be charged a same day cancellation fee.


We do require a credit card on file in order to book your appointments, to ensure our 24-hour cancellation policy. 


Any changes or cancellations without adequate notice will be charged a “late cancellation” fee to your credit card at a rate of 50% of the value of the scheduled services. No-show customers will be billed a no-show fee for the full value of scheduled services to the credit card on file.

For all Injectable services there will be a minimum fee of $75 for a same day cancellation or $150 for a no show no call. 

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