Communicating with your service provider is the best way to receive maximum benefits from your massage. Massage can be therapeutic, relaxing, stimulating, medicinal, and healing. The more you can tell us about your body—the little aches or problem areas—the more we can focus on making you feel better. We encourage you to share this information when scheduling your massage. Please note that Oasis Medspa & Salon does not provide medical massage and insurance billing.


Signature Massage*: Our expert massage therapists will work with you to customize the perfect massage using a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and stretching techniques. This massage helps to eliminate the body’s toxins and dynamic kneading techniques reduce stress, increase flexibility, and increase blood flow.

(30 minutes) Starts at $105

(60 minutes) Starts at $135
(90 minutes) Starts at $190


Organic Aromatherapy*: The combination of our Signature Massage with organic essential oils. Essential oils can stimulate or relax the mind, body, and spirit long after the massage is over.  Choose from Soothing, Revitalizing, or Lavendar.
(60 minutes) Starts at $160
(90 minutes) Starts at $220


Cocoa Butter & Vitamin E*: Our most popular massage. Relax while your skin is hydrated with our unique blend of cocoa butter. A decadent experience and a favorite among chocolate lovers!
(60 minutes) Starts at $160
(90 minutes) Starts at $220


Paradise Stone Massage*: Warmed stones are placed on the body and combined with a nourishing Exotic Body & Bath Massage oil to release tension, restore balance, and increase positive energy flow. The stones are used to gently encourage sore muscles to relax and surrender as circulation increases bringing a sense of well-being and harmony.
(75 minutes) Starts at $195


Maternity: Designed to give relief from the discomforts of pregnancy. We use specially formulated oil for pregnancy, as well as body cushions specifically designed for this special time. Offered to women in their second (14 weeks) or third trimester.
(60 minutes) Starts at $145

(90 minutes) Starts at $205


Morrocanoil Scalp Massage: A traditional Fijian coconut bowl is used to slowly drizzle Hydrating Morrocanoil with Argan Oil that is then massaged gently into the scalp and neck to restore balance and leave hair shiny and healthy.
(15 minutes) Starts at $60



*Not recommended during pregnancy or for those with high blood pressure or any medical condition which makes one sensitive to heat.



“Oasis Medspa & Salon is a serene and peaceful spa with wonderful massage therapists. I’ve had several massages and all have been wonderful. The staff really knows how to pamper you!”

- Anonymous


“Just as the name infers, this was, yet again, a welcome oasis experience. I booked a last minute discounted full body and scalp massage. I’d been doing too much heavy lifting in the garden, so my back begged for a break. My massage was lovely, as was the tea and quietude. The ambience is so relaxing, it’s tough to leave.”

- Margo


“Portia gave a wonderful massage–felt like waves on the ocean! Good for the body, good for the mind, too…”

- Kathi


“A friend treated me to a 60min Mommy to Be massage. At 34weeks pregnant, it was heaven. The LMP was professional and courteous and worked out all my aches and pains from this extra pregnancy weight and stress. The spa has a peaceful atmosphere and modern decor. Very very pleased with my experience.”

- Marie

Body Wraps

*Not recommended during pregnancy or for those with high blood pressure or any medical condition which makes one sensitive to heat.


Spirulina Wrap*: Using an all-natural, live Spirulina algae harvested from pure salt lakes in Southern California, this seaweed treatment imparts essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to nourish and revitalize the body. Very effective when used as part of a slimming or nourishing program.
(60 minutes) $145


Mud Wrap*: Moor Mud is legendary for its powerful therapeutic properties. This moor mud is a blend of botanical materials, which has had natural interaction with thermal mineral water. Mud remineralizes, soothes, and rejuvenates tired muscles and dull skin. 
(60 minutes) $145


Organic Essential Oil Wrap*: A luxurious application of organic aromatherapy massage oil mixed with a therapeutic crème rich in minerals and trace elements to relieve tension, provide moisture to dry skin, and promote overall detoxification.
(45 minutes) $85



Body Scrubs

Signature Body Rituals and Body Scrubs


Dead skin cells must be removed before your body can accept moisture Although the focus of these treatments is exfoliation, we completely rehydrate and nourish your body as well.


Lavender Dreams Ultimate Experience*: Dreams of lavender fields kissed by the French sun envelop your senses as you drift on waves of blue. Breathe deep. Inhale the calming and balancing benefits of wild lavender in this completely uplifting and rejuvenating spa experience, which includes a two-step invigorating full body scrub, a warm wrap, and a full-body effleurage, including stones.
(90 minutes) $130


Ginger Paradise Renewal: To begin, earthly minerals are combined with ginger’s healing properties in an invigorating full-body exfoliation. Following is a pampering back, neck, and shoulder effleurage with organic ginger oil. Next, nourish and relax inside a warm cocoon while a luxurious foot and pressure point scalp massage complete this head-to toe service.
(90 minutes) $145


Turkish Body Scrub: An invigorating thermal mineral salt exfoliation applied in a two-step treatment utilizing thermal salt, rich in minerals and trace elements, followed by a loofah scrub with thermal mineral shower/bath gel. (45 minutes) $65








*Not recommended during pregnancy or for those with high blood pressure or any medical condition which makes one sensitive to heat.


Body Bronzing

Tanned skin is beautiful. It makes you look healthy, active, and alive. But getting the perfect tan has always been a challenge, until now. Oasis Medspa & Salon has chosen the SunFX tanning system, giving you a stunning, natural looking tan that is perfectly even from head to toe. It’s faster than sun-baking or solarium treatments, and unlike other alternatives, a SunFX tan will give you ideal coverage and the most natural color. Best of all, SunFX tanning solutions are made from 100% all-natural ingredients. No more applying chemicals to your skin in an attempt to look tan. No more spending hours cooking your skin in the sun. Just a quick, natural, beautiful tan in only minutes. Call us today to book your perfect tan!


Full Body: Starts at $50
Legs Only: Starts at $30
Packages are available.



“All of my services were top notch. I am ready for another salt scrub and mud wrap now.”

- Amber



“My spray tan was great will be going back again!”

- Anonymous



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