In Germany, people have long recognized the therapeutic and healing benefits of locally crafted botanicals. Generation after generation, they have passed along this precious knowledge. Today, this enduring tradition is sustained by proven, positive results. In Germany and throughout Europe, health care practitioners recommend regular soaks in the kräuter bad or herbal bath, to benefit a variety of health-related conditions as well as for general body care.
30 minutes – $55

Kräuter Eucalyptus Bath

The Eucalyptus bathing experience helps to soothe tired aching muscles, feet and joints.

Kräuter Heublumen (Wildflowers) Bath

Derived from common German wildflowers such as sage, thyme and lavender, this traditional bathing experience benefits aching muscles and joints and overall women’s health.

Kräuter Kamille (Chamomile) Bath

This Kamille (chamomile) herbal bath experience soothes and relaxes the body and moisturizes dry sensitive skin.

Bath Kurs

Mineral or herbal baths provide the relief a body needs to cope with stress, aches and toxicity. The Hungarian Thermal Water and French Algae Baths include minerals and trace elements, which have been used for centuries to relieve aching muscles and sore joints, while promoting circulation and detoxification. The German Herbal Baths, Kräuter Bad, are comprised of herbs renowned for their therapeutic properties. Ask your service provider which bath would best suit your needs to soothe muscle aches, insomnia, joint pain, toxicity, sensitive skin and other issues.
30 minutes – $55

A “Kur” consists of 10 to 20 baths taken three to four times a year

Thermal Mineral Bath *
Especially high in magnesium, these remineralizing Celtic French salts contain active minerals and trace elements which absorb into skin during bathing. Helps detoxify and balance the body and is especially beneficial for sore muscles and aching joints.

Thalasso Bath *
This purifying algae bath with fucus seaweed and mineral-rich sea crystals contains a high concentration of vital minerals to stimulate circulation, assisting in overall detoxification.


Aromatherapy Mineral Bath *

This all-natural product incorporates the finest essential oils with thermal minerals and trace elements. The specific oils, which are included in the aromatherapy mineral bath crystals, produce a soothing or invigorating effect.

* Not recommended during pregnancy or for those with high blood pressure or any medical condition which makes one sensitive to heat.