Body Scrubs

Before your body can accept moisture, dead skin cells must be removed. Although the focus of these treatments is exfoliation, we completely re-hydrate and nourish your body as well.


Lavender Dreams Ultimate Experience *
Relax. Dreams of Lavender fields kissed by the French sun envelop your senses as you drift on waves of blue. Breathe deep. Inhale the calming and balancing benefits of wild Lavender in this completely uplifting and rejuvenating spa experience which includes a two-step invigorating full body scrub, a warm wrap, and a full body eflourage including stones.
90 minutes – $125

Ginger Paradise Renewal
To begin, earthly minerals are combined with Ginger’s healing properties in an invigorating full body exfoliation. Following is a pampering back, neck and shoulder eflourage with Organic Ginger Oil and warm healing stones. Next, nourish and relax inside a warm cocoon while a luxurious foot and pressure point scalp massage complete this head-to toe service.
90 minutes – $140



Turkish Body Scrub
An invigorating thermal mineral salt exfoliation applied in a two-step treatment utilizing thermal salt, rich in minerals and trace elements, followed by a loofah scrub with Thermal Mineral Shower/Bath Gel.
45 minutes – $60

Chamomile Body Scrub
A two-step, gentle body exfoliation utilizing granulated pumice stone in a creme-base followed by a loofah scrub with Chamomile Shower/Bath Gel, rich in botanicals.
45 minutes – $60


* Not recommended during pregnancy or for those with high blood pressure or any medical condition which makes one sensitive to heat.