Laser Hair Removal



Permanent hair reduction can be achieved with the Lightsheet Duet Laser Hair Removal system.  We can treat any area of the body safely and effectively.



Multiple treatments with the Lightsheer Duet are required, but after each treatment, you will notice less and less hair growing back.  Schedule a consultation today and we can discuss how many treatments are likely needed for you to achieve your desired results.


At Oasis Medspa & Salon, we use the LightSheer Duet, which provides unsurpassed speed and comfort in hair removal. An entire back can be treated in under 15 minutes! Both in rigorous scientific trials as well as extensive clinical practice, the LightSheer system has emerged as the gold standard in laser hair removal.


UltraShape is the first and only FDA cleared non-invasive body contouring treatment to use proprietary pulsed focused ultrasound to immediately destroy fat cells—and deliver noticeable results in two weeks. UltraShape offers long-lasting body contouring results with no downtime, discomfort or side effects. Remove unwanted fat effortlessly in three quick sessions.


Endermologie** is a unique, noninvasive way of shaping your body, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and improving overall skin fitness.

Endermologie was originally developed to rehabilitate scars, burns, and damaged muscular tissue, but a surprising side effect was soon discovered—its ability to reduce cellulite and improve body contour.


Endermologie is a patented, FDA-cleared, and proven process known to fight cellulite while providing a greater sense of well-being.


Single Session: $95



36 sessions: $1980 ($55 per session)
24 sessions: $1560 ($65 per session)
12 sessions: $900 ($75 per session)
Endermowear Suit* $45
* Required for treatment
**Endermologie services are not eligible for the Primecard discount.


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